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Shu et Ra Cleansing Gel

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Shu et Ra


It is a gel cleanser that is gentle to sensitive skin, made from blending plant extracts and rose water. 

The natural plant extracts will moisturize and heal your skin that is tired from wearing make up all day.

The soft gel will feel even meltier when it mixes with your makeup, and it will leave your skin feeling refreshed yet moisturized after rinsing.

How to Use

Please use the lotion with dry hands and skin, as washing power is increased in dry conditions.
Take an appropriate amount (large cherry) on your hands, spread it over your entire face, then gently rub it into your makeup starting from the center of your face towards the outside.
When your fingertips feel lighter, rinse with lukewarm water or wipe it off with a tissue.
Please wash your face using a facial cleanser.

Use by

3 years if unopened.

Message for You

Enjoy feeling sleek and bouncy! Moisturizes even sensitive skin, giving you the healthy skin you deserve!

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