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Skin Lotion G Regular Type

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Katsuura Cosmetics
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The product seeps deep into the skin for long-lasting moisturization through well-balanced ingredients with attention to the skin’s sebum barrier. The sebum barrier formed by high-quality sebum keeps the skin moist and fresh.
* The plant-derived ingredients, naturally moisturizing ingredients.
* No added scents, colors, or oils.
In the morning or before going to bed, after washing your face, apply an appropriate amount of the product to hand and gently press (for 2 to 3 seconds) onto face enough to make moisten the entire face. Apply during the day over your makeup for a well-moistened skin.


Water, glycerin, ethanol · PG · glutamic acid Na · PCA-Na · citric acid Na · benzoic acid Na · ethyl paraben, propyl paraben, butyl paraben

About Manufacturing

Since its founding in 1974, Katsuura Cosmetics has been the pioneer in developing cuticle-care products to help beautify its numerous female customers. To create better products that are also safe, the company develops its own products, specially selects highly-pure ingredients, manufactures new cosmetics under strict standards, and ships their honest products directly to their customers.

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User Review

Lim Sandii

This little bottle of lotion feels light and watery on the skin. It gives a tingling sensation in the beginning, upon application. It absorbs really quickly and feels "feather light" after that. It does what it claims, moisturising the skin. Despite its instruction of using it over the makeup, I use it under the makeup instead; as I worry it may smudge makeup I've put on. This bottle could last up to a week if used daily.

Tan Jennifer

surprise, this lotion suitable for my sensitive and combination skin, i apply it on whole face even oily area at night until next morning my face feel fresh & cool,  may be mine is sensitive skin so when I apply I feel very minor stabbing paint for while only.

Belinda Bee

I like this lotion as it doesn't feel sticky at all. One swipe and it is immediately absorbed into my skin. My face felt supple after one week's application. I really like the fact that it doesn't have any added fragrant.

Vita Liao


Cindie Liu

The lotion works excellently for combination skin. The best comes to that it is not sticky at all. It provides moisture to both oily and dry area at the same time. I'll definitely keep using this product.