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THEO DOLL All-in-one Lotion

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Hyaluronic acid and other highly water-soluble vitamin C derivates are combined in these moisturizing ingredients. For supple skin.
Just simple skin care. Use one of these after washing your face. It combines three kinds of hyaluronic acid for a perfectly moisturizing effect. Vitamin C derivatives bring you closer to clearer skin. This light face lotion is perfect for those worried about stickiness.

How to Use

1. Wash your face to thoroughly remove any dirt.
2. Take an adequate amount of product in your hand. Press it into the palm of your hands and work it into the skin.
3. Apply extra product to any problem areas.

Awards & Credentials

First place in three Rakuten Research categories.
The choice of female office workers in their 20s.
1. This cosmetic is amazing.
2. Face lotion I'm glad to have used.
3. A cosmetic I want to recommend to a friend.

About Manufacturing

Lamu is a Chuo Medical Cosmetics brand born from cosmetic medicine and designed to confront trouble skin.

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User Review

katie chang

I love this product. It is watery but provide enough moisture. It is like toner mix serum. It is a great product to be used in summer!