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TUNEMAKERS Ceramide 200 (Undiluted solution beauty essence)

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Our no.1 popular concentrate solution! Highly-dense ceramide concentrate is recommended for dry, inner-dry, as well as sensitive skins. We’ve doubled the density of our rice-bran-derived ceramide saccharide known for its moisturizing attributes. Now higher in density and moisturizing power, this highly-concentrated nano ceramide product that retains the same refreshing texture seeps into the keratinous layer of the skin. The product conditions the skin from within to help it retain moisture and keep smooth. We recommend this highly-concentrated product to those with dry skin.

What is Ceramide 200 (Sphingoglycolipids of rice bran) (moisturizing ingredient))?
1. Ceramides in the keratinous layer
Ceramide is a kind of lipid in our bodies. As it plays an important role of retaining moisture, it is essential to a healthy keratinous layer.
2. You’ve doubled the density of your ceramides?
TUNEMAKERS doubled its ceramides to produce a highly-concentrated solution.

How to Use

1: Use it as a booster for concentrated care. Gently pat into face after washing your face. Afterwards, apply skin lotion. The product softens and conditions the skin for any kind of skin lotion or essence you apply afterwards.
2: Use it as skin lotion. Apply a proper amount on face depending on the condition of the skin.
3. Use it as part of your carry-around cosmetics (such as skin lotion, milky lotion, skin essence, cream), or apply to a specific spot you’d like to treat. You can use the product in any way you want depending on your skin condition.


Ceramide 200 (stock Essence)

About Manufacturing

TUNEMAKERS is a versatile “Supplementary cosmetic concentrate” that can be used by a variety of skin types depending on their needs. The small container holds the original ceramide concentrate itself. We intended on making a high-quality, high-density concentrate product that was made in Japan. There are 40 different kinds of concentrate products. By adding this product to your routine skin care, you will find that the concentrate directly tends to your skin problem, whatever it may be. The product is already popular on internet forums and magazines!

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User Review

Leny Linh

Mình nhận sản phẩm vào đúng ngày Valentine, ấn tượng đầu tiên là NÓ KHÔNG CÓ MÙI, hoàn toàn k có tí mùi nào, bạn nào mà đang tìm kiếu dòng sản phẩm có mùi thơm thì chắc các bạn nên tìm một sản phẩm khác @@ Tuy nhiên mình rất rất đánh giá cao tác dụng của lotion này: trước liên là nó k hề có cồn, không hề có cảm giác bị căng da sau khi sử dụng, sau 1 tuần sử dụng sản phẩm mình thấy lỗ chân lông cũng được thu hẹp lại, mụn đầu đen giảm bớt rõ rệt....Rất là recommend mua full-sized lọ này, đỡ phải mua lột mụn mũi luôn \m/

Yui Wan

Package: Fine. Just a simple one.

The product: Liquor. It has no fragrance and it absorb very quick after applying to the face. It feels like water. After I have applied it to my face, I can feel my skin becomes soft and gentle. I think its moisture is enough for summer in Hong Kong. However, the product can not provide enough moisture in winter. In summer, it is good enough as a toner or base before make-up.

Lim Sandii

When I receive this item from Cosmeria, I did some online research about how to use it. The bottle and outlook look very convincing. The texture is like water, and doesn't have any scent. It dries off a few seconds after applying on my skin and I do not see any difference before using and after using it. I hope there are more information regarding how to use this product efficiently.

Nhàn Tăng

Dung sau buoc lm sach da mat.Sau khi su dung da mat duoc cung cap  am, cam giac da muot v min mang hon. Vo nhe se thay da dinh dinh, sau 1 tuan su dung da co ve min mang va khoe hon. danh tang san pham nay 4 star

Uji Rahmadani

I've been using this for several days and I gotta admit that this is one of  the best products I've ever tried. The consistency is lightweight , just like water. Gentle on my skin. Absorb fast and has no smell!
After using this I can feel that the dry areas on my face (cheeks and around nose&mouth) getting more hydrated and smoother.
Really recommended for people with dry skin!