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Use this skin lotion spray containing a combination of fullerene and VC Ethyl for a fully moist and translucent skin with elasticity and firmness.

How to Use

Hold the spray about 15cm away from your face, and push 5 to 6 times to apply consistently onto your entire face.
A good tip is to spray on immediately after washing your face, as not to let the moisture disappear. 


Water, glycerin, BG, ethanol, fullerene, 3-O-ethylascorbic acid, licorice root extract, hydrolyzed rice bran extract, tympi extract, gentian root extract, leek extract leaf extract, yukinoshita extract, tea leaf extract, perfume

About Manufacturing

Kimijiwa Towako's ideal is to have luminous and fully hydrated natural skin. FELICE TOWAKO COSME strives to enhance each person's natural skin, and achieve healthy and fully moisturized skin. This is a skincare product recommended to everyone who wishes to continue to enjoy and treasure their beauty in 5 years, 10 years on.


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