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The fragrance of the hair oil, magnolia bouquet

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We have combined baobab oil, yuzu oil, sunflower oil, and olive oil, which have been certified as organic, to amber oil, which has been a favorite of the people as a “crystal of beauty” since the ancient times. It has excellent effects as a hair moisturizer and anti-aging care, and brings out a natural texture to the hair tips regardless of hair type. This fragrant hair oil has a long-lasting scent like a perfume. The scent is that of magnolia bouquet, which has a freshness of fruits and elegant and fancy scent of jasmine and magnolia.


Cyclopentasiloxane, dimethiconol, alkyl benzoic acid (C12-15), perfume, amber extract, baobab seed oil, sunflower seed oil, olive oil, citron seed oil, tocopherol, ascorbyl palmitate, rosemary leaf extract, methoxy cinnamic acid-ethylhexyl, t- butylmethoxydibenzoylmethane

About Manufacturing

We at Kanasaken Industrial Company began manufacturing and selling hair cosmetic goods 50 years ago out of the belief the we deliver a superior product. Little by little, beauticians nationwide have come to trust in us. We built up our current status as a comprehensive hair cosmetics manufacturer by matching the market's needs with the launch of products such as the straight perm treatment "London Bridge" in 1982 and the hair color treatment "Access Free HB Color" in 2001. When our organization passed into the latter half of the century and started anew as Napura Company in 2006, we endeavored to further improve the level of our product quality, to enrich our educational activities, and to continue contributing to the development of the beauty industry.

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User Review

Mach Tran Phuong Thao

The color of product is so generous, it attracts the notice and looks like outstanding in crowded. Recommend using it in night to be more beautiful, no need other perfume

Le Nhung Diep

whaaa, Im very surprised to get this product.
I hit it off when I saw this product on cosmeria.
when I used the trial, I was really pleased by its smell and its cover.  And My hair becomes soft, smooth and more fluffy after using.
different than other products I've used, the advantages of this product is that it dries very quickly so My hair is always clean
I really like this product

Man Ching Chin

I already got the sample, thank you Cosmeria! I have dry hair and the oil from this product not makes my hair looks greasy. I like the result when i applied it to my hair. The smell not really strong and nice, suit with summer and everlasting.  After i applied it with fragrance hair from miss Joange, my hair feel so soft and smooth.  I think this oil fragrance is suit for dry hair even tho i must apply it few times for make result become perfect. Not like the fragrance which is everlasting, the result of oil hair just stay not longer than i expected. I hope soon they can make it everlasting, or maybe 6 hours for sure. About the packaging, i really like the shape of the bottle, it looks so elegant. And I'm so glad it is a plastic, so i can bring it wherever i am because it's not heavy and not scared it will be broke if it falls. The crystal clear bottle makes me know how much oil hair i have after apply it to my hair. I really like the packaging! And thank you for the nice taste japanese candy came with this product. Thank you Cosmeria!

Nguyen Huyen Trang

Thanks to Cosmeria, i got it!
Package: good. Beautiful transparent bottle, it looks like glass and luxury but does not care much about the cost because the bottle is made from plastics. I love it.
Quality: i like the scent because it is comfortable, especially in summer. However, as my hair is dry and thick, the oil just works for some short time, it is a bit wishy-washy... In order to keep the hair smooth, i have to repeat it about 2-3 hours. It is quite uneconomical.
I review 4* overall as 1* plus of the beautiful package.

Nhu Tran

Package: love the bottle, looks lux and the bottle feels weighty. The pump make it easy to control the adequate amount of oil
Texture: thick oil but not so heavy
Color: no color
How to use: I pump some drops on my palm then apply on my hair. It absorbs so quickly and does not feel heavy at all.
Overall: It left a sweet fragrance on my hair even though it does not linger. Without making my hair greasy, this oil provided soft and feels in great condition. I didn't use long enough to see if this hair oil nourish my hair and make it become smooth and strong from inside. As the manufacture said this fragrant hair oil has a long-lasting scent like a perfume but it failed because the aroma fade away in some minutes. Still highly recommended this hair oil for the combination of organic oil and its instant effect.