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Uriage Thermal Water

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A spray-type facial water bottled in an aseptic facility using the water drawn the source of Uriage’s hot spring that goes through years of natural filtration before gushing out. The water quickly seeps into the skin to promote the moisturizing function of the skin’s keratinous layer, thereby creating a healthy protective barrier. It also helps your cosmetics permeate into your skin. The product is recommended to be used as a facial lotion after washing your face. 

How to Use

The product is recommended to be used as a facial lotion after washing your face. 


Hot spring water, nitrogen gas [Hot spring water containing components (per liter)], Chloride 3,500mg, calcium 600mg, zinc 160μg, sulfuric acid salt 2,860mg, magnesium 125mg, manganese 154μg, Sodium 2,360mg, potassium 45.5mg, copper 75μg, bicarbonate 390mg, silicon 42mg, iron 15μg

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We wish to support people to live their lives in their own fun and healthy way by providing reliable medicine. We wish to support those who care for themselves. Based on our accumulated technology, knowledge, and our customers’ trust, we at Sato Pharmaceutical will strive to protect people’s precious everyday lives.

About Manufacturing

Established in 1915, Sato Pharmaceutical quickly grasped the importance of OTC drugs that closely support people’s health, and became successful by delivering products that precisely answer the market’s needs to the world.


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