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Vernal Travel Set ES

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Mini-set including travel pouch.
Anku soap, sensitive zaifu soap, essential shower: natural or moist set.
Natural is recommended for oily or normal skin. Moist is recommended for dry or mixed skin.


Anku soap: Soap Ken base / water / talc / glycerin / alumina / silica / PEG-75 / Aloe vera leaf extract / chamomile extract / docomidum extract / brown sugar / squalane / jojoba seed oil / cocamidopropyl betaine / tocopherol / licorice / BG / sodium chloride / EDTA-4Na / etidronic acid 4Na / perfume / iron oxide / gunjou
Sensitive zaifu soap: Soap Body / Water / Sorbitol / Honey / Grape seed oil / Shea butter / Avocado oil / Octyl dodecanol / Camomile extract / Sea cucumber extract / Horsetail extract / Glucose / Bisabolol / Na hyaluronic acid / Hydrolyzed collagen / Glycyrrhizic acid 2 K / Tocopherol / glycerin / BG / NaCl chloride / EDTA - 4 Na / Etidronic acid 4 Na / perfume / caramel / titanium oxide
Essential Shower Natural: PC / Na / PCA / arginine / aspartic acid / glycine / alanine / water / hydrolyzed hydrogenated starch / hyaluronic acid Na moisturizing agent / hydrolyzed collagen / Seiyushi bark extract / otanenindine extract / chamomile flower extract / Serine / valine / proline / threonine / isoleucine / histidine / phenylalanine / sea salt / glycerin / sucrose / polyglyceryl-5 oleate / polyglyceryl-10 laurate / Na lactate / citric acid / Na citrate / silver
Essential Shower Moist: Water / hydrolyzed hydrogenated starch / glycerin / hyaluronic acid Na / hydrolyzed collagen / ceramide 3 / cholesteryl hydroxystearate / lauroyl glutamic acid di (phytosteryl / octyldodecyl) / cholesterol / hydrogenated lecithin / Seiyanagi bark extract / Otaneninjin extract / Camomile flower extract / Magwah root extract / PCA-Na / PCA / arginine / aspartic acid / glycine / alanine / serine / valine / proline / threonine / isoleucine / histidine / phenylalanine / sea salt / sucrose / oleic acid polyglyceryl-5 / laurin Acid polyglyceryl-10 / Na lactate / Citric acid / Na citrate / Silver

About Manufacturing

Vernal believes that skincare is a matter of enabling your skin's natural processes. Rather than simply supplying extra care, it is important to "bring out the qualities of the skin which enable it to beautify itself." Human skin has a natural ability to keep moist. Yet while possessing this marvelous ability, there are also things that human skin cannot do by itself. The prime example of this is clearing away filth; in other words, skin cannot wash itself. By taking care of washing the skin, we bring out its regenerative abilities in a smoother fashion.
What kind of skin do you envision yourself having?
Go ahead and take a look at your skin in the mirror. Imagine your skin ten years from now.

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User Review

katie chang

I think the two soaps are quite similarly. As I have dry skin, I think they are a little bit dry to be used in winter. The essential shower moist is just like normal toner. I think it is not moisturizing enough. I love the essential shower natural most. It gives me enough moisture. There is one point that surprise me is that it comes with a foaming net. Overall, I think this set is more suitable for normal skin or oily skin. If you have dry skin, you better use it in summer,