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W face soap set

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"Be a beautiful lady. Change in 28 days.

- Cleansing Soap
removable foundation makeup, dirt, old waste Clear skin unnecessary dirt, good cleaning power of cleansing soap. Rich in moisturizing ingredients dense and resilient bubble, necessary to retain moisture.

- Beauty Soap
gently remove the burden of skin, and can recuperate hypoallergenic cleansing soap skin texture. Add sensitive skin can feel at ease using the cleaning ingredients, contains 16 kinds of excellent moisturizing ingredients shea butter, honey.

- Foaming Net
Exclusive cotton foaming net, easy to play a rich and dense foam! The most important thing to wash your face is the quality of the bubble! Especially with cleansing soap to wash your face, if you do not play a delicate bubble, the face washing effect will be greatly reduced!"

About Manufacturing

Vernal believes that skincare is a matter of enabling your skin's natural processes. Rather than simply supplying extra care, it is important to "bring out the qualities of the skin which enable it to beautify itself." Human skin has a natural ability to keep moist. Yet while possessing this marvelous ability, there are also things that human skin cannot do by itself. The prime example of this is clearing away filth; in other words, skin cannot wash itself. By taking care of washing the skin, we bring out its regenerative abilities in a smoother fashion.
What kind of skin do you envision yourself having?
Go ahead and take a look at your skin in the mirror. Imagine your skin ten years from now.

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User Review

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Pian Ong
2019/04/09 Delete

This facial soap is not harsh on skin and after wash feel on my face is not tight but still remain oil free for more than 8 hours, will strongly recommend this to family and friends.

2019/03/29 Delete

This is the first time I cleanse my face using a soap. It bubble nicely and properly cleanse my face.

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Kavita Kumari
2019/03/28 Delete

A1 product. A must buy. Soap is very creamy,  very leathery but no chemicals smell. Lufa is very soft,  not harsh on skin.