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Color: Y1 / R1

- Y1: The yellow beige color will bring you closer to the perfect nude lip! Tomato extract protects your lips from harmful sunlight and makes the lips more supple, reducing lip lines. Apricot oil protects against chapping and makes lips soft.
- R1: The matte designed rose color will give you a sexy and alluring lip. MAXI LIP™ is combined with collagen to give you more supple lips and reduce lip lines. Oligopeptides soften and moisturize the lip surface.
Color: P1 / RC1

- P1: Ageless pink with a natural gloss, showing off refined lips. Contains viola tricolor extract, preventing chapping, maintaining soft lips.
- RC1: Easily color balanced made from red coral. Brings out the brightness in your expressions with a coral-like luster. Relieves stress and irritation with bergamot oils, alleviates tension in stressful situations.

How to Use

Using the lip brush to get an appropriate amount, lightly and gently apply the product to the lips. You can mix the two colors to achieve a variety of looks for every mood or occasion.

About Manufacturing

We have developed a cosmetic that will lend vitality to the ever-working cells that never sleep. Our cosmetic activates the skin's natural healing powers, drawing out the skin's own abilities 365 days a year. The beautifying agents penetrate deeply into skin cells, helping the skin to function more smoothly. Our makeup products have been overseen by makeup artists, and through their professional supervision, we have made strives to develop products that are both high quality and original items.

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User Review

Ruby Chan

I love this lip product because it's easy to carry and like a daily tinted lip balm! But the lip brush is so hard.

Tracy Tracy

I feel so surprised when I received this beautiful lip balm because it's good looking and nice packaging.

喬西 陳

沒有什麼遮蓋力 比較像潤色護唇膏的感覺 也不顯唇紋
持久度不夠 大概喝口水就沒了 不確定是不是唇盤都這樣
比起比較挑人的粉紅色(因為有偏冷色調 膚色較深的人應該不喜歡) 我覺得紅色很好看 雖然是大紅色但是因為比較透所以很日常顯氣色

晏萍 劉

拿到的時候 小小驚艷了下 外包裝設計蠻時尚的 裡頭外殼也很美 我拿到的是粉紅色和紅色這兩種 附贈一支小刷子 質地偏向油一點 顏色也蠻不錯的 不過沒有很顯色 但是如果當作潤唇來用 我覺得可以 塗上去嘴巴能看起來亮亮的 氣色也比較好