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Yawahada Skin Lotion

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Recommended for dry skin

A fresh toner, created with local hot spring waters from Yamaga. A blend of hot spring waters and six moisturizing ingredients that provide moisture and texture to the skin. Containing fermented rice extract that makes the skin feel even more moist and that will also assist in the skin’s elasticity.

This product can be used not only on the face but also as a lotion for the entire body.


Water, glycerin, hot spring water, Reu this stock / radish root fermentation broth, cherry leaf extract, Shikonekisu, hyaluronic acid Na, hydrolysis of hyaluronic acid, fermented rice liquor, citric acid, citric acid Na, BG, ethanol

About Manufacturing

“I wonder if there isn’t some good product that we could create?…This is Yamaga in Kumamoto Prefecture. When we started the business, most manufacturers such as ourselves had their headquarters in cities."

At that time, ways to distribute information like we have these days with the Internet and mobile phones did not exist. On top of that, we were in a location to which it was difficult to attract the kinds of personnel that we required to be able to manufacture products, HR such as sales, planning, and engineering staff. I also recall that when people would come for an interview back then, they would be so shocked by the location of our company that we’d never see them again. There were also times when we were finally able to get buyers from major companies to come visit, but the road heading to our headquarters at the time would turn into an unpaved road along the way. Seeing that they were heading into the mountains, these buyers would say to us “That’s it. I’m heading back!!”

One day, I was walking the dog along a path in a spot near the company that was rich with nature, and something caught my eye. The dog was eating some weeds. “Even dogs need to eat weeds sometimes,” I thought to myself...There were a lot of different weeds in the area. These included a grass that is well-known as a medicinal herb, a weed that we used to pick in the old days and take home and cook up, together with leaf buds and other weeds that no one remembers these days—the area all around us was thick with weeds.

As I was thinking about the philosophy that we have had since setting up the company, which is a philosophy of environmentally-friendly manufacturing, I suddenly thought that we might be able to start to use plants that grow in the wild like this and that are bursting with life force as our raw materials. Our mugwort soap, luffa toner, and all sorts of other products came into being precisely because we are in a position to create them, being located in the remote countryside of Kyushu. The raw ingredients for these products can only be obtained in certain seasons. It is generally once a year. So we always have to have two years’ supply in stock. In the past, there was a time when we sold out of the luffa toner and we ran out of raw materials, which caused inconvenience for both our trading partners and their customers.

In our line of business, we work with nature itself. This places quite a burden on the management of the company. But I feel it is this that gives us an advantage being in Kyushu and that allows us to differentiate ourselves from our competition. Moving forwards, we will continue to value our unique perspective and our original planning and tradition as we produce forever fresh, environmentally-friendly products.TEXT TEXT TEXT

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