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cola rich EX Super All-in-one Gel

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Cola Rich EX is an all–in–one gel that is very popular in Japan. It's ranked number 1, with the series selling 15 million units in total. Provides simple care with 5 functions in one (lotion, milky lotion, serum, moisturizing lotion and cream). 92.5% of those who used it for more than three months said that they experienced a change in their skin.
*1: 2016 internal sales results *2: December 2013 "Cola Rich EX customer survey" (internal) with 1,391 valid responses (customers who took the fixed term course three times or more). The experience value is the total of "experienced" and "slightly experienced" responses.

How to Use

1. Scoop out approximately 1.5 cm with the attached spatula.
2. Place in the palm of your hand and apply to both cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.
3. Spread thoroughly over the whole face, from the center to the outside.

Use by

3 years after manufacture


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Awards & Credentials

[2017 FG 20th Anniversary Beauty Evaluation Grand Prize] won a prize for the condensation (glue, frost) part professional evaluation award.
FG mark of excellence received with a satisfaction rating of 94%
- will make small wrinkles from dryness less noticeable (tested for efficacy)
- no artificial fragrance・no artificial colors・non-mineral oil paraben (preservative) additive free

About Manufacturing

We believe in the importance of only selling a product if we can feel its results ourselves. Under this motto, we have experimented repeatedly and offer only the products we are satisfied with. By developing products that meet the three requirements of safety, real results, and ability to resolve serious issues, we hope to contribute to the health and happiness of Asian women.

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Sản phẩm tốt, buổi tối mình dùng sản phẩm sau khi dùng toner, kem thẩm thấu vào da tốt, hôm sau thấy da mềm mịn, mùi dễ chịu.

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Sau một thời gian dùng thử sản phẩm, mình thấy sản phẩm dùng khá tốt, khi bôi lên da không gây nhờn dính, dễ thẩm thấu vào da nhưng mình có cảm giác sản phẩm không khóa ẩm.

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