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maNara Hot Cleansing Gel

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As one of the ingredients of the blend is water, we have changed over to deep sea water, which is considered highly effective for cosmetics. This hot cleansing gel is blended with a luxurious mix of hyaluronic acid, collagen, ceramides, and other liquid cosmetic compounds accounting for 91.4% of the product itself, and which enhance its moisturizing effect. This warm gel not only gently clears away make-up, but also removes disconcerting pore blockages, leaving your skin clean and fully moisturized. Also, encapsulated papain enzymes take care of old keratin. On top of that, this product has a boosting effect on skin care products applied to the skin following cleansing. It has a citrus scent derived from 100% natural essential oils, featuring those extracted from grapefruit.

How to Use

1. Wipe moisture away from face and hands, and apply a grape-sized amount of hot cleansing gel to your hand. Rub both hands together until it softens. If you use waterproof mascara, please remove it with a specialized remover before cleansing.
2. After applying the softened gel to the entire surface of the face, gently incorporate with your make-up, rubbing in a circular or spiral motion (usually takes about one minute).
3. Rinse thoroughly, about 20 times, with lukewarm water (running water) of around 32°C until water no longer comes off white or cloudy. It is not necessary to double wash. *Make sure not to leave any product behind along the hairline, nostrils, or jawline. Before rinsing, if you wet your hands and apply the water to the entire surface of the face, the gel that has come in contact with the skin will be softened by the water, and will be easier to rinse off.


PEG-10 sunflower glycerides, glyceryl stearate (SE), water, meadowfoam oil, papain, papain, beef tallow, cottonseed oil, cottonseed oil, olive oil, behenic acid / eicosanedioic acid polyglyceryl-10, (behenic acid / eicosanedioic acid) Hydrolyzed collagen, arched chalk leaf extract, hyaluronic acid Na, hyaluronic acid hydroxypropyltrimonium, cerebroside, squalane, polyglyceryl laurate-10, olive oil fatty acid ethylhexyl, α-arbutin, ascorbyl tetrahexyldecanoate, Neubara fruit extract, Scutellaria root extract , Mandarin Orange Pericarctum Extract, Opinchia Ficus Indica Stem Extract, Royal Jelly Extract, Pueraria Mirifica root extract, Pearlia seed extract, hydrolyzed yeast extract, polyglutamic acid, horse chestnut seed extract, pomegranate fruit extract, soybean seed extract, tocopherol, hematococcus Purubigris oil, safflower oil, soybean oil, beeswax, honey, carrot root extract, Na alginate, BG, limonene, pentylene glycol, cyanocobalamin, carbomer, phenoxyethanol

About Manufacturing

"My skin is worn out, and I look 10 years older than I really am."
This essential cosmetic cleanser was born from the concerns of this type of woman.
"Are there no gentle facial cleansers for someone like me, who has dry skin?"
The skin moisturizing quality of this facial cleanser was born from the doubts of this type of woman.
"I want to be able to properly apply my foundation, even on busy mornings!"
The 30-seconds-and-done foundation was born from the desires of this type of woman.
Our products are always born from the true feelings of individual women.
When you are in fact worrying amid enjoying work and daily life as a woman.
When you wish to become more beautiful, but you secretly have low self-esteem.
These products are imbued with consideration for those who think "wouldn't it be nice to have this" for their beloved family and friends.
Our products fulfill the desires of such women; products by maNara are made by women with such desires.
Thus, the things we desire from the bottom of our hearts are born, even if they don't yet exist in the world.
At first glance, this may seem like biased product development.
However, this is more honest than making something "because it will sell" or "because it's popular." There is no compromise.
We are able to make products that will definitely be useful for women who have had the same worries as ourselves.
Although these sorts of products are without a lot of gaudiness, they have the power to inspire our customers.
We wish to realize feelings of true beauty.
With our spirits, as well, we will move forward, no matter what.
When we do so, life will begin to shine ever more brightly.
The maNara brand helps each and every one of its customers shine brightly with inspiring products and services.

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Jessica Hsuchin




Celia Huang


喬西 陳

收到一小包本來以為只能試用一次 但量還蠻多的夠用三次 產品是橘色凝膠狀的有柑橘味.擠到手上搓一搓會非常有感的發熱很神奇.個人覺得卸妝力稍弱.我只有拿來卸底妝跟眉毛但沒有特別乾淨的感覺,用完還是會想要在洗一次臉. 如果不小心用到眼周會有一點薰眼要小心,冬天應該會喜歡用這個產品

雅嵐 楊


Livia Yen

擠出來是橘黃色的 很漂亮的顏色 有淡淡的柑橘精油香氣
在臉上熱熱得好舒服 只是現在夏天.....這非常適合在冬天使用