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Just by adding a small amount to your shampoo/treatment/body wash, the W effect from the menthol and mint oil will make it into a cool product that refreshes and replenishes your body. You can also look forward to the moisturizing effect it has on your hair and scalp, and the way it gets rid of scalp odor and dandruff.

How to Use

1. Put a small amount in the palm of your hand (for a mild effect use a pearl sized amount, for regular use two pearls, and if you want an ultra refreshing effect, use three pearls).
2. Put your usual amount of shampoo, treatment, or body wash in the same hand, and use after mixing them together.

Use by

12 months after open.


Water, ethanol, BG, PG, PEG-20 sorbitan cocoate, menthol, polyquaternium, peppermint oil, assembly liquorice extract, horse muscovite flower / leaves / stem extract, chamomile flower extract, Fuyubo Taisei flower extract, toed calendula flower extract, beetle flower extract, Rome Camomile flower extract, methyl paraben, fragrance

Message for You

An animal placenta has a hormone risk that accompanies it by all means, but about the rose placenta, you can use this skin care product with a sense of relief because of its plant origin. As one of the characteristics of the rose placenta or stem cell extract, there is an antioxidant power to prevent active oxygen (a kind of rust of the body) that leads to aging, by approximately 3 times that of the placenta derived from a pig, and shows a high anti-aging effect.

About Manufacturing

"Recher organics"
As "Re" means "return" and "cher" means "lovely" or "pretty" in French, the name is a combination of those two words and is made to express our expectation that our customers will continue to use these skin care products and maintain their youthfulness and beauty.

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