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skincare soap natural otoha - apis

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A series of additive- free soaps produced by Japanese chain pharmacy. Developed by a group of pharmacists, it’s even suitable for sensitive skin and also gentle for children. We only use the best natural food - grade ingredients and essential oils to produce this “Gentle on skin additive- free soap”. By using cold process method, this traditional soap making technique ensures the natural ingredients can be better preserved, and leave you a delightful scent to enjoy.

How to Use

Take generous amount of water or lukewarm water for making fine foam and spread it all over your face, then rinse with warm or clean water until clean.
This soap is totally additive-free containing no preservatives, synthetic fragrance, and stabilizer. Since it’s a cold process hand-made soap, the shape and the color of each soap might be slightly different, but it will not affect the quality of the product.


Palm oil, Coconut oil, Water, Sodium hydroxide

Awards & Credentials

Ranking No.1 in 4 different categories of Japan’s Rakuten online market

About Manufacturing

Apis brand products are dedicating in offering Japan -made and only natural ingredients -contained products, such as supplements and cosmetics that are safe and gentle on skin.
We strictly manage the manufacturing process from taking control of the raw materials as well as the product selling, we also keep making our effort on developing the product with safety and longer life time.

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User Review

Phanh Phanh

Soap thơm dịu nhẹ, đặc biệt khi thoa lên rất là sạch mềm mịn chứ không phải khô da.cảm ơn cosmeria nhiều...

Diệu Dung

Mình rất thích sản phẩm. Dùng không thấy chán. Hy vọng sẽ còn sử dụng thêm nhiều sản phẩm nữa của hãng

Quỳnh Anh Trương

Mình rất thích sản phẩm này,cho trẻ em dùng cũng rất tốt,mình đã dùng cho con gái 7 tuổi thấy da rất đẹp và mịn màng

Anh Phuong Đàm

sản phẩm rất thơm, mình cực thích mùi này. dùng cũng rất là thích, mỗi lần dùng xong da mình đều mềm mà ko thấy có dấu hiệu khô.