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1. The foam cushions provide a gentle cleansing for the skin.
The active foam does not rub the face, assuring a gentle face washing. It penetrates into the pores, absorbing the impurities even from the most hidden places.

2. It leaves behind moisture, which is so important for skin.
It eliminates the excess sebum, and has emollient ingredient which act close to the skin, leavening a soft skin after the wash.

3. It is a combination of ingredients carefully selected, focused on regeneration.
The kiwi and tea fruit extracts support a healthy skin metabolism, eliminating the corneocytes, cells which are obstructing the regeneration of skin.

4. The kiwi and tea fruit extracts creates a fine foam, washing away the the old keratin and other impurities. At the same time, it performs a gentle wash by stretching the sebum membrane, which is so important for the skin. It also has soy bean extract and five-feet essence, which are creating the moisture so necessary for the skin.


Mica, zinc oxide, titanium oxide, silica, iron oxide, lauroyl lysine, hydroxide Al

About Manufacturing

At Suzuki Herb Laboratory, we specialize in the research, development, and distribution of skincare that awakens your skin’s the natural beauty. We do not rely on image or looks; our secret lies in the formulas and concentrations made possible in a laboratory environment. We are passionate in our quest to deliver products that truly make a difference for our customers. Our products use select natural ingredients, and almost all are safe for small children and expectant mothers. We remain continually committed to creating life-changing products.


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